Th├Ęse Cifre opportunity around Constrained machine learning using deep neural networks for embedded systems. Contact me if interested.

Workshops and conference sessions

April 4-5, 2019: organising a two-day workshop in Grenoble, StatLearn 2019. Call for posters opens early January 2019.

September 6-7: organised a two-day workshop in Grenoble on Bayesian learning theory for complex data modelling.

June: organised a session at ISBA 2018 Edinburgh with Richard Nickl on Bayesian nonparametrics for stochastic processes.

April 26-27: co-organised a workshop on random graphs in Grenoble. Alisa Kirichenko's talk on Function estimation on large graphs part of Bayes in Grenoble.

October 9-13, 2017: co-organised the School of Statistics for Astrophysics: Bayesian methodology, Autrans, France.