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- Hongliang Lü (from 2017) co-advised with Florence Forbes (Inria)
- Marta Crispino (from March 2018) co-advised with Stéphane Girard (Inria)  

PhD students
- Fabien Boux (from 2017) co-advised with Florence Forbes (Inria) and Emmanuel Barbier (GIN)
Verónica Muñoz Ramírez (from 2017) co-advised with Florence Forbes (Inria) and Michel Dojat (Inserm, GIN)

Master students
- Caroline Lawless (Summer 2018) co-advised with Bernardo Nipoti (Trinity College Dublin)Variational Bayes inference for Gibbs-type priors.
- Mariia Vladimirova (Spring 2018) co-advised with Pablo Mesejo (Inria)Wide limit of deep Bayesian neural networks.
- Aleksandra Malkova (Spring 2018) co-advised with Maria Laura Delle Monache. DATASAFE: understanding Data Accidents for TrAffic SAFEty.
- Michal‚ Lewandowski (from 2017). Theoretical properties of Bayesian nonparametric clustering.

- Cecilia Ferrando (2016) master student, Collegio Carlo Alberto, Moncalieri, Italy. Bayesian stochastic blockmodels.